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    The faculty has experienced a positive dynamic, by increasing the number of Romanian and foreign students and also by diversifying
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    Faculty of Pharmacy is organised in 4 departments and 21 chairs. Departments are headed by directors, and chairs are ruled
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    The Drug Information Research Center (DIRC) was established in Romania in 2004 at the "Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and
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Department for Public Relations

The Department for Public Relations is a structure meant to ensure the free and unconfined access of the public and the mass media to information of public interest. The activity of this department is lead in the spirit of transparency and the citizen's right to information.

Our university promotes an opening politics towards society in general, and, at the same time, towards the mass media.

The university ensures, in the conditions and limits provided by the law, the correct and complete information of all members of the community regarding information due by law or requested in character with the law.


The Department for Public Relations has three main components:
• Mass media information
• Interinstitutional information
• Intrainstitutional information

Contact Information
Str. Victor Babeş nr. 8
400012 Cluj-Napoca
Telefon: 0264-597256 / int. 2255;

Ioana Bunea - 0755/034171

Simona Iclozan - 0264-597256 / int. 2256