Educational Offer

Our Faculty has 4 undergraduate study programs:

MEDICINE with an equivalent of 360 ECTS: Graduate degree in Medicine (doctor - physician), 6 years university studies
NURSING – 240 ECTS - Graduate degree in Nursing (university degree nurse), 4-year university studies
RADIOLOGY and MEDICAL IMAGING – 180 ECTS- Graduate degree in Radiology and Medical Imaging (radiology and imaging assistant), 3-year university studies
PHYSIO-KINESIOTHERAPY and REHABILITATION - 180 ECTS Physio-Kinesiotherapy and Rehabilitation assistant diploma, 3-year university studies

Additionally to its undergraduate university studies, the Faculty of Medicine offers the greatest number of opportunities, concerning specialization by residency, postgraduate studies, master's and doctoral studies, of all Faculties in the University.
Master's Degree

There are eleven, one-year or two-year, Master's Degree Programs within the Faculty of Medicine.
Doctoral studies

Due to the fact that Medical studies are long-term studies and Master's Degree programs are considered to be included in the 6 normal years of study, all graduates of the Faculty of Medicine may enroll on doctoral study programs right after graduation.

Training of specialists in medical fields, through residency programs (3-7 years), represents an important component of the faculty's mission.
Continuous Medical Education (Long Life Learning-LLL)

Continuous medical education, through various postgraduate courses, is covering all medical specializations.

Today, at the Faculty of Medicine of the "Iuliu Haţieganu" University of Medicine there are studying:

5200 students
2000 residents
93 Master degree students
700 PhD candidates

The Bologna process is understood and applied within the faculty, as seen in the ECTS Study Guide, the European system of transferable credits (ECTS) and the supplement to the diploma have been introduced successfully for a number of years, and physician diplomas are acknowledged at European level.