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  • Educational Offer

    Our Faculty has 4 undergraduate study programs: MEDICINE with an equivalent of 360 ECTS: Graduate degree in Medicine (doctor - physician),
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  • Curriculum

    The main elements that define education in the Faculty of Medicine are merged on this page. Use the following buttons
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  • Study Guides

    This application allows students to read the Study Guides  of the groups in which they are registered in the current
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  • Departments

    The Faculty of Medicine is divided into 12 departments and 69 disciplines.Departments are headed by Department Managers, assisted by the
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  • Simulation Centre

      Aim The Simulation and Practical Skills Center at the "Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy offers great learning
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  • Students

    This page gathers several resources available to our students through the faculty web service. You can access them by using
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  • Regulations

    The main regulations for students and teachers of the Faculty of Medicine are merged on this page. Obeying these regulations
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  • FAQ

    The most common questions asked by our students are already answered on this page. This section of the website is
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  • Titles

    The latest ads from the Faculty of Medicine are displayed on this page, the rest can be found by visiting
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