Tuesday, 17 March 2020 14:16

In attention of students in years IV, V and VI Medicine

Please be acknowledged that the session in the end of module III has been rescheduled in the end of the second semester of this year, between 29th June – 3rd July (it is not held between 27th of April 30th April). Module IV will begin right after the spring holiday.


Therefore, the structure of the 2nd semester of this year becomes the following:


Module III

4th February-17th April: didactic activity

20th April – 24th April: holiday


Module IV

27th April – 19th June: didactic activity (8 weeks)

22nd June-26th June: exam session module IV

29th June – 3rd July: session module III


The schedule for reexamination exams sessions is unchanged.


Thank you,

Prof.dr.Soimita Suciu

Dean of the Medical Faculty



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