Friday, 15 May 2020 19:10

Information for submitting the license thesis

Based on the Decision of the Administration Council of the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, please be acknowledged about the PROCEDURE FOR SUBMITTING ONLINE THE LICENSE THESIS IN ORDER TO TAKE THE FINAL LICENSE EXAMINATION


  • The license theses must be submitted by July 31 in electronic format: Word and PDF.
  • The email address into which the student has to send his/her license thesis is:
  • The name of files containing the license theses will meet the standard format as follows:
          Surname_First name_MG_EN_series.doc respectively .pdf
  • The license theses will have attached the scanned evaluation of the thesis coordinator with the grade awarded, countersigned by the head of discipline.
  • The thesis will also contain a statement of author responsibility attesting to the lack of plagiarism elements and assuming all the consequences if the contrary is found.
  • The license theses must be sent in Word format by the secretaries responsible for the final year to the library for verification of originality, after July 31 / after their centralization.
  • The secretary will have to keep a record of theses.
  • The license theses will be sent to the commissions.
  • After submitting their license theses online, students have to present them physically in September, during their thesis presentation.

Graduate students responsabilities:

- submit online the license theses and the statement of non-plagiarism to the secretaries of the faculties and in physical format during the license thesis presentation in September.
- present the thesis physically in September

This procedure was approved during the meeting of the Management Board on 12.05.2020.



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